Music From A Burning Planet

by The Alternative Facts

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A cautionary tale of climate change in the 21st century. MFABP begins with the US leaving the Paris accord in June 2017, and ends at some indeterminate point later this century when mankind either departs for parts unknown or goes extinct, upon which the planet begins to regenerate.

A significant portion of album sales will be donated to whose mission is climate change education and mitigation. The clock is ticking, but it is not too late to help write a better ending for the 21st century. Thank you for doing your part to protect our planet... we only get one!


released September 30, 2018

Written, performed, and produced by The Alternative Facts
Copyright © 2018 The Alternative Facts
Thank you for listening!


all rights reserved



The Alternative Facts

Music inspired by the news of the day.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" -- Thomas Jefferson

Thank you for visiting The Alternative Facts, who roared to life on Inauguration Day 2017. We took our name from Kellyanne Conway's definition of LIES, which continue to stream from the Trump Administration on a daily basis.

Pay attention.
Take action.
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Track Name: Au Revoir, Paris
So now it's US against the world
The Stars and Stripes can be unfurled
We'll fly them high above the Earth
for what little they may be worth
From sea to rising sea...

Au Revoir, Paris

This "climate change" is just a hoax
Invented by some crazy folks
They say the planet's getting hot
And it's the only one we've got
But Mr. Trump does not agree...

Au Revoir, Paris
Track Name: Drill Baby Drill (ANWR)
They used to call this the Last Frontier
Oil companies have made a killing here
The caribou and the polar bear...
The animals have got a lot to fear

Drill Baby Drill
Feed the addiction

Come on and auction the rights away
Raking in the money, there'll be hell to pay
Maybe gone tomorrow but it's here today
Wilderness is overrated anyway

Drill Baby Drill
Feed the addiction

Look what the lucky white man found
Lucky gold trapped underground
Greed is the virus going 'round
And all they want is money (money money money)

Gifts from the dinosaurs long ago
Nature's less important than the oil below
Rape the Earth and watch her flow
A river full of money (money money money)

It was heaven sent and then it all went wrong
It was paradise until we came along...
Track Name: Under The Orange Sun
The morning brings a sickly glow
Today it seems so long ago
The places that we used to know
The memories still strong

The trees were standing tall and proud
Today they wear a burning shroud
An idiot in every crowd
A place they don’t belong

Under The Orange Sun
Lit by an orange moon
Burning up one by one
Everything ends too soon

The ashes fall on city streets
It looks a lot like coffin sheets
It’s raining down in endless Tweets
The flames keep marching on…

The trees that touched the endless sky
The idiot who made them die
Today I’m much too numb to cry
For everything that’s gone

Under The Orange Sun
Lit by an orange moon
Burning up one by one
Everything ends too soon
Track Name: It's A Wonderful Life
Feed the addiction
(Drill baby drill)
Screw the science fiction
(Drill baby drill)
Listen to the Koch boys
(Drill baby drill)
Screw the Keystone killjoys
(Drill baby drill)

The summers are hot
The winters get colder
Will the planet be here
When our children get older?
It's a wonderful life
For those who get to live it
When the planet goes dark,
It's taking us with it

Deepwater Valdez
(Spill baby spill)
Greenland is melting
(Chill baby chill)
All the pretty wildlife
(Kill baby kill)
All the lonely people
(Kill baby kill)

When you cut the last tree,
Catch the last fish,
Poison the sea,

Earth has a lesson to give:
You can’t eat money to live

The summers are hot
The winters get colder
Will the planet be here
When our children get older?
It's a wonderful life
For those who get to live it
When the planet goes dark,
It's taking us with it.

We're addicted to oil
And so we must drill it
Such a wonderful place
It's a shame we must kill it
Such a miserable life
And humans are the cancer
On the face of the Earth
But Nature has an answer...
Track Name: Dinosaur

Ryan: you know the planet's dying
Why must you help it along?
The things you're doing are wrong

Pruitt: we always knew you'd do it
You're just a fossil fuel tool
You want to rip up the rules

Choose this day whom you will serve*
Kill the home you don't deserve
Nature always win this war
Man's the modern dinosaur

Ryan: you know your boss is lying
Yet you keep playing along
Until your conscience is gone

Pruitt: we always saw right through it
You're just a corporate lackey
You call the science wacky

You're on that extinction list
Homo sapiens won't be missed
Only fools can still ignore
Man's the modern dinosaur

Rape and pillage Mother Earth
Watch it burn for all she's worth
Close your eyes to what's in store
Man's the modern dinosaur

Drilling, they're gonna make a killing
The flora and the fauna will die
Your precious Jesus would cry

Mining, there is no silver lining
"Clean coal" is pie in the sky
Great food for pigs who can fly

Drilling, you're gonna make a killing
Until the oil runs dry
Then kiss your assets goodbye...

Track Name: The New Normal
There was a lovely waterfall
The trees were green and standing tall
The photos are our only proof
Before it all went through the roof

So now we have these memories
How beautiful it used to be
Before we chopped down all the trees
Before we poisoned all the seas

The warning signs were everywhere
and still we looked away
Though it was hazy we all were crazy
To live from day to day

Welcome to the New Normal
This is the New Normal
It's rather informal
This is our New Normal

We always thought we made the rules
We kept on burning fossil fuels
We aren't the masters anymore
We are the modern dinosaurs

We tried to run we tried to hide
But we were stuck here for the ride
The lucky ones have long since died
The rest of us just stay inside

The hurricanes kept blowing up
The cities washed away
"Ignore the fires" said the deniers
Now they'll have to pay

Welcome to the New Normal
This is the New Normal
It's rather informal
This is our New Normal

Earth was a lovely place
We were the master race
Our ending now begins
‘Cause Nature always wins
Track Name: Hey Daddy
Hey Daddy
What did you do in the war on Earth?
Hey Daddy
Were you thinking of us or what your stocks were worth?
Show me photos of the leopards and the tall giraffes
Hey Daddy
If only your money could bring them back

Hey Daddy
What did you think of the hurricanes?
Hey Daddy
What did you do when the flooding came?
Show me photos of a million species that all are gone
Tell me again how so many people could be so wrong

Hey Daddy
Looking back it seems so clear
Hey Daddy
It kept on getting warmer each year
Hey Daddy
Mostly everything is gone
Hey Daddy
The sixth extinction matches on...
Track Name: Epitaph
Mourn what you lost
Mourn what you never had
These are the good old days
The future’s looking mighty sad.

Envy the unborn souls
For they may see it all return
Pity the unborn souls
For they may see the endless burn

We cursed the ashes and the haze
We never blamed our foolish ways
We offered him eternal praise
He cursed us with the End of Days

Now say goodbye
An epitaph for modern man
The Earth can breathe again
Without us and our master plan

Don’t cry for us
We had our golden days
Just smile and wave goodbye
The earth won’t miss the human race