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"Dump The Trump" covers the many reasons why the Orange Clown is not only unfit for office, but for being allowed to roam in the general population. We think he would look mighty dapper in prison stripes.

Yes, DTT is 10+ minutes long, but it is worth hearing all the way through. We consider it the centerpiece of this album, and hope that you agree.

We also created a video to accompany this song...



You're drifting off again
And waking up in Hell
It looks the same today
It's getting hard to tell
'cause now he's way up high
and you're still trapped down there
He'll always be your guy
Just don't pretend he cares

Don't be deceived you've gotta D T T
You'd best believe you've gotta D T T
Get off your knees you've gotta D T T
Stop World War Three c'mon and D T T

You wanted someone new
Who really felt for you
He pushed your buttons so you pushed his...
Both of your dreams came true

This isn't how you planned
It's getting out of hand
With branches falling left and right...
A tree can barely stand.

Don't be deceived you've gotta D T T
You'd best believe you've gotta D T T
Get off your knees you've gotta D T T
Stop World War Three c'mon and D T T

He's got so much to say
In his repulsive way
He uses social media
Twenty-four hours a day

He says he rules with heart
The families ripped apart
Remember Nazi Germany
This is the way it starts

The border's tough today
The children snatched away
Another lie to justify
The Donald's evil way

Open your eyes you've gotta D T T
Get past the lies you've gotta D T T
Hate's on the rise you've gotta D T T
Freedom will die unless you D T T

He had a brilliant plan:
The Muslim travel ban
"An evil race" he told his base,
The paranoid white man

He says the news is fake
He's gonna make you break
He made you think he cared for you...
That was your first mistake

He's got a sick world view
He's feeding it to you
Repeat the lie a thousand times
Until you know it's true

We're going down, we need to DTT
He's tightly wound, we need to DTT
Don't fuck around, it's time to DTT
Impeach the clown, c'mon and DTT


If you're not angry,
then you're not paying attention
Are we all trapped in
Some crazy fifth dimension?

Just ask the KKK
They say he's heavensent
The white supremacists
adore their racist president

And look who's next in line...
Mikey the misogynist!
He'd like "The Handmaid's Tale"
to be the way we coexist

They paid off [Anthony] Kennedy
They think they've got it made
Another right-wing robe
For getting rid of Roe v Wade.

Unions are going down
To bring back slavery
But now it's more polite
It's called "the service industry"

When women's rights are gone
That's when the world goes mad
Pro-life can help the wife
Hello to Nation Gilead

The gays have had their fun
They'll find the rainbow's end
There'll be no pot of gold
Inside the closet once again.

Hey you conservatives...
Aren't you a bit ashamed
To have a president
Who's always calling people names?

He has another title:
If you have a daughter,
Would you dare leave him alone with her?

Hey you deplorables
And all you common folk:
Now do you ask yourselves
Is this some kind of joke?

Maybe you're unemployed
You loved his carny act
He said he'd be your voice
Your jobs aren't coming back

He talked a great game
He really pulled you in
Oh you little fishes
Trapped on the line again

That brand new tax bill
It's for the wealthy set
They call it "trickle-down"
While pissing on your safety net

Want to live the American Dream
But you don't know how?
Not in the 1%?
You'll never get there now.

The fellows at the top
They watch each others' backs
First it was "Drain The Swamp"
Now it's Government Goldman Sachs

He's got a brand new deal
The Second Gilded Age
The barons reap the wealth while
We'll live on a pauper's wage

The king is in the White House
The belly of the beast
The fox is in the henhouse
It should be quite the feast

Why would somebody
Conceal their tax return?
To keep a secret,
Not just how much they earn,
But where it comes from
Follow the money trail
He's in the Oval Office
But he should be in jail
Straight from Mar-a-Lago
to the county jail


Do you remember
"My country 'tis of thee"?
This fear and hatred
Aren't how it has to be
Stand up and fight for
Sweet Lady Liberty
"The huddled masses
All yearning to breathe free"*
All yearning to be free



from The Don of a New Error, released February 18, 2019
Copyright © 2018 The Alternative Facts
*Excerpted from "The New Colossus" written by Emma Lazarus (1883)


all rights reserved



The Alternative Facts

Music inspired by the news of the day.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" -- Thomas Jefferson

The Alternative Facts roared to life on Inauguration Day 2017, taking our name from Kellyanne Conway's definition of LIES, which continue to stream from the Trump Administration on a daily basis.

Pay attention.
Take action.
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